Safelab - Marketing Plan & Brand Identity

Photo by Alex J. Coachman

About the Client

(Est. 2016) Safelab was a young-enterprise scheme company ran by me throughout my Year 13 at high-school for Business Studies. Safelab was selling smartphone accessories, while also contributing a small percentage of the profits to charity.


Marketing Plan

For the young-enterprise scheme company, I wrote an extensive 30+ page Business Plan and Marketing Plan. It covered everything from revenue streams, to sales channels and contingency plans. 


Brand Identity

The aim of Safelab’s name and logo was to envoke a sense of durability and security.

Business Card

The business card created served the basic function of a business card. But it also incorporates an easily scannable QR-code on the back that provides you the same information on your phone


As online was the main sales channel, extensive time and effort was spend on Safelab’s online presence.

Product Photos

Social Media Logos

Varies designs of the Safelab logo was used for social media profiles.